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Rednecks Pride snares are designed for the animal damage control work and for the fur trapper that demands the best they can be. The snare must be fast, function properly, and hold without flaw, yet as non-lethal as a snare can be to be used in and around the home and buildings. Our snares are 100% New Jersey legal. Each Rednecks Pride snare comes in your choice of 1/16, 5/64 or 3/32, 1X19 cables, an in-line barrel swivel and an attached 3/32 or 1/8, 7X7 extension. We use loop cable connection rather than stops so there are no popped ends.

You choose if your cable restaint is made with our super relax lock, slim, Sterling bullet, mini or mirco locks. The lock is attached to the cable with a loop that adds in freeing those non-targets or animals that need to be placed in a transport box. A 6-inch deer stop or your state’s regulation on deer stops makes this cable restraint classified as a non-lethal. After a catch is made, simply replace the snare on the extension with one of our replacement snares. (Breakaway devices can be added at request for an added charge.)

Owner Ron Jones explains the Rednecks Pride Outdoors Pro Cable Restraint.

Ron then explains the standard cable restraint.

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